Message from the Director

Our Dear Customers,

On behalf of GBG Electric Limited, I extend our compliments to you, and invite you to Join GBG Electric in doing business. GBG was established for power, Telecoms and automation technologies that would enable Utility, Industry, Transport, and Infrastructure customers to improve their Performance while lowering environmental impact. GBG operates in Uganda and was formed to satisfy the need for dependable electric and Telecom Supplies and thus assure Sustainable growth with due respect to environmental demands.

In carrying out this mission, we are guided by highly cherished values.

Quality of our products, Customer Satisfaction, Creditability and Integrity; and Cross-border cooperation has given us competitive advantage in this industry.

A market leader in Supply of Power, Telecoms and Automation Technologies, GBG prides itself with a wealth of expertise but also thrives on its interactive relationship with customers.


Our Partners

KNX Partner

What we offer covers almost every aspect of industrial activities.

I urge you to take a closer look at GBG, and promise you guaranteed satisfaction and unlimited benefits. You and GBG could work together aiming at efficient processes and increased profitability.